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Outriders: This is the best way to farm equipment after the update



Outriders: This is the best way to farm equipment after the update

With the last update, Outriders made some changes. This includes an exploit that could provide players with many legendary weapons. Nintendosmash, therefore, shows you how you can farm loot after the patch outside of expeditions.

Where can I get the best Outriders loot? In the endgame, there is no way around the expeditions. There you will not only find more legendary equipment but also get loot with a higher item level.

But by the time you get to the point where you can challenge these expeditions to a high level, you will at least need useful equipment. These are ranked 15th in the world.

Therefore, we show you here how you can now efficiently farm loot after the patch in Outriders and also get legendary equipment.

What are expeditions actually? This is the endgame activity of Outriders. After completing the campaign, you will unlock the mission types. They are among the most difficult content in the game and reward you with a better loot for completing them quickly.

There are a total of 15 pieces, but you first have to unlock them via the 15 challenge ranks.

Hunt and search missions

What kind of missions are these? As soon as you arrive in Trench Town in the course of the main story, you will unlock these mission types.

  • Hunting missions send you on the hunt for monsters
  • Wanted missions give you people as goals

You will find such missions in every area, there are a total of 10 hunting and 10 searching missions. Not only are they reliable sources of loot, they also have the chance of a legendary item as a reward.

It is currently not entirely sure how high this chance is. Before patch 1.05, it was a guaranteed legendary item, but that has been changed according to the patch notes.

Before the patch, an exploit made it possible to get 10 legendary items per hour. Now, according to YouTuber KhrazeGaming, there is a legendary item for around 35 minutes of time. There is one thing you have to keep in mind.

This is how you farm the missions efficiently: The rewards you get from these missions scale with your world level. There is no point in simply increasing the rank when collecting a reward.

But it is enough if you complete one of the 10 missions at the highest world level for you. So you should do the following:

  • Play the hunting missions as they are usually shorter
  • do 9 out of 10 missions at world level 1 to get through as quickly as possible
  • You then complete the last remaining mission at the highest available world level
  • Have you completed all 10 missions, get your reward.
  • Upon completing all 10 there is a legendary item

But these are not the only ways to get guaranteed legendary equipment: Outriders are guaranteed to distribute legendary weapons – this is how you get 3 of them

Follow these methods and unlock world level 15 before you start the expeditions.

World-level 15 prepares you for higher expedition levels

That’s why you should do this: If you reach world level 15, you can find equipment up to an item level of level 42. This gives you a great advantage at the start of the expeditions.

Because they have their own progress system in the form of challenge ranks. There are also 15 levels and each brings you equipment at a certain item level.

The catch: While you can already find equipment at item level 42 at world level 15, you first have to play up to challenge rank 8-9 in the expeditions to get similarly strong equipment.

You can also find these tips summarized in the video from KhrazeGaming:

More tips:

  • Dealer offers scale with your challenge rank.
    • So if you have reached rank 9, the traders already offer equipment at level 46. In addition, you can buy the important resource titanium from the dealer.
  • In order to earn scrap, you can simply sell found equipment.
    • So you can easily get enough coal from a certain level. You will find particularly interesting sellers in Trench Town and in your camp.
  • Do not sell rare (blue equipment) blindly.
    • First, check whether they have useful values ​​for you and whether the mods are useful for you. You can upgrade this equipment to a level and upgrade it to epic (purple) equipment without any problems. A closer check is therefore worthwhile.

As already mentioned above: In the long term, there is no way around the expeditions. But you can already equip yourself well in order to really get started in the actual endgame.

What do you think of the method and the tips? Do you have other useful ways or tricks in store? Feel free to write them to us in the comments.

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