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Palia: How to Get Hodari’s Grill



Palia - Hodari's Grill

The new patch (0.177) of Palia has several new items that players will be able to obtain to both decorate their Housing Plot and use for certain purposes. One of the new usable items is GrillMaster v3000 popularly known as Hodari’s Grill which works similarly to a campfire.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Hodari’s Grill in Palia.

How to Get Hodari’s Grill in Palia

Hodari’s Grill is obtained by finishing a new hidden quest for Hodari called ‘It Must Flow’ which players will be able to start by interacting with an empty spice rack in Hodari’s Kitchen. A lot of players were confused as the patch notes of the new update listed that Hodari’s Grill would be a part of a loot drop from the new Rummage Piles over in Bahari Bay. However, this is not the case and players will have to complete this quest to get themselves a new stylish grill station.

It Must Flow Walkthrough

To start the It Must Flow quest for Hodari, go to Hodari’s House and go to the kitchen to interact with the spice rack. It will show that Spice Rack is empty and initiate the quest. Now, speak to Hodari about no spice in his kitchen and you will get the objective to find the following spices for Hodari.

  • Ground Longcorn Pepper: Found near the bridge leading to Northern Mineshaft (Sealed Mine) located in The Outskirts area.
  • Ground Tubetree Bark: Found beside the river in the Proudhorn Pass area.
  • Yellowpop Mustard Seeds: Found inside the underground cave near the Beachcomber Cave area.
  • Ground Zingroot: Found in the Hideaway Bluffs mine.
  • Everyspice: Found outside of the Windy Ruins area.

Upon finding all the required spices, return to Hodari to hand over the spices and he will invite you for dinner. Go to the dinner location between (8 PM – 11 PM) and speak with Hodari. He will let you do the honors of seasoning the dinner food. Interact with the cooking station to sprinkle a healthy amount of special spice on the food.

Once the food is ready, speak with Hodari and go through the dialogues to conclude the quest and you will be rewarded with GrillMaster v3000/Hodari’s Grill.

As mentioned earlier, Hodari’s Grill works the same as the Campfire so as you interact with the Grill, it will show you all the Campfire recipes you have unlocked so far and it also takes the same amount of time for each recipe to be cooked as the regular campfire.

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