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Palia: How to Complete the Little Boy Blue Quest



Palia - Little Boy Blue

The Little Boy Blue is one of the new Found Item quests in Palia added with patch 0.177 that players will get to start upon finding the ‘An Unmarked Letter’ item. This item can only be found by looting the new Rummage Piles in the Bahari Bay map zone.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Little Boy Blue quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Little Boy Blue Quest in Palia

The Little Boy quest will be initiated upon finding the ‘An Unmarked Letter’ item which has a chance of dropping upon looting a Rummage Pile near the beach areas of Bahari Bay. Explore the Coral Shores and the Beachcomber Cave areas to find the letter to initiate the quest. Once you have found the letter, open the inventory and head into the quest items to read the letter.

Reading the letter will let you know that the old letter was addressed to Hassian. Open the map to find Hassian and speak with him to hand him over the letter. Hassian will tell you about the remaining missing letters and ask you to find them by hunting Chapaas. There are three remaining letters that you need to get by hunting Chapaas either in Kilima Valley or Bahari Bay.

Go on a little hunting session with your bow and arrows to hunt down every Chapaa you see to have a chance of finding a letter for Hassian. Upon finding all the remaining missing letters, return them to Hassian and go through the dialogues to conclude the quest.


Completing the Little Boy Blue quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 10 Renown
  • 1x Hunter’s Horn

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