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Palia: How to Complete Cover it Up Quest



Palia - Cover It Up

The Cover it Up is a Romance Quest for Reth that players will get to start after reaching Romance Level 3 (Dangerous Dalliance) with him. Reth will ask for help from you to hide his criminal misdeeds from Ashura. You will be required to get the shipments and hide them in a place where no one can find them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Cover it Up quest in Palia.

How to Start Cover It Up Quest in Palia

The Cover it Up quest is one of the unique quests in Palia which will only trigger if selected the correct dialogue option while meeting Reth at the Housing Plot. Upon reaching Romance Leve 3 with Reth, Reth will visit you at the Housing Plot and share news about his criminal misdeeds. Here, you will get the choice to either select one of the following dialogues.

  • “I’ll help you move the merchandise,”
  • “I really think you should tell Ashura the truth,”

Selecting the first dialogue option will initiate the “Cover it Up” quest, and selecting the second dialogue option will initiate the “Come Clean” quest.

How to Complete Cover It Up Quest in Palia

Upon selecting the correct dialogue option to initiate the Cover it Up quest, you will get the objective to pick three shipments from Reth’s Storeroom. Go to the Inn and make your way to the basement to enter Reth’s Storeroom to pick up the shipments. Once you have picked up three shipments of Illicit Goods, you will get the objective to hide them over in Bahari Bay.

The area highlighted in the map for hiding the shipments will be quite large but there is only one place where you will be able to hide them. To hide the shipments, you need to go inside a small hidden cave located in between the Hideaway Bluffs and Windy Ruins. Keep going along the southern wall of Bahari Bay, and you will come across ruins in which the entrance of the cave lies.

Enter the cave and follow ahead and you will see a few boxes on the left side in an open area of the cave. Go and interact with the place to drop off all three shipments. Now, go back to your Housing Plot area to wait for Reth but instead, Ashura will confront you on helping Reth.

After the conversation with Ashura, go and see Reth in his Storeroom to conclude the quest.


Completing the Cover it Up quest for Reth will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 30 Renown
  • Reth’s Pin
  • Increased Romance with Reth
  • 5x Box of Chocolates (Found in Mailbox after the quest)

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