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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Get the Pristine Crown from Tonberry King



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Pristine Crown

Pursuing The Saga of the Seaside Inn questline for Johnny will require you to complete several objectives around the Corel region before you get to encounter the infamous Tonberry King and retrieve its crown. It is almost halfway through the game when players will get to accept this side quest for Johnny but the Tonberry King objective can only be completed in Chapter 9.

Players will be required to obtain a crown from defeating Tonberry King but it is advised by Johnny that they should acquire a Pristine one for more luxurious aesthetics.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Pristine Crown from Tonberry King in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Find the Tonberry King in FF7 Rebirth

Upon progressing enough in the side quest to find Johnny in the Desert, players will get the objective of retrieving Tonberry King’s crown. However, the location for Tonberry King will not be revealed until the players have found and scanned all six Lifesprings in the Corel region.

NOTE: This portion of the quest can only be advanced in Chapter 9.

During Chapter 9, you will have the Buggy as the transportation which will allow you to traverse through the water and reach the areas that were off-limit earlier. You can find four Lifesprings in the southern area of the Corel region and two of them near the Costa Del Sol area in the northeastern side of the region.

Once you have found and scanned all of the Expedition Intel at the Lifesprings, Tonberry King will appear in the southern area. The location of Tonberry King can be viewed in the photo below.

How to Get Pristine Crown from Tonberry King in FF7 Rebirth

Once you have found Tonberry King, you need to engage in a boss fight with Tonberry King to get your hands on the Pristine Crown. You will be able to see the Pristine Crown on top of its head but defeating it will not get you the Pristine Crown, instead it will get you a Marred Crown. To get the Pristine Crown from Tonberry King, follow the following steps.

  • Wait for Tonberry King to initiate either a Hopping Mad or Tantrum attack.
  • Dodge the attack successfully and attack Tonberry King as much as you can to pressure it.
  • Once Tonberry King gets pressured, the Pristine Crown will drop to the ground.
  • Now, use the Steal Materia on the Crown to steal it.
  • Defeat Tonberry King to secure the crown.

Since Tonberry King does not have elemental weaknesses, the only way to pressure him is by dodging his attacks and attacking him right away. Once the crown dropped on the ground, Tonberry King’s focus will be on getting the crown so, you need to use the Steal Materia quickly to steal the crown before he gets it back.

Upon getting the Pristine Crown, you will be able to go back to Johnny’s and give him the Pristine Crown to conclude the quest. Furthermore, if somehow you didn’t get the Pristine Crown, you will still get the Marred Crown by defeating Tonberry King. It will not be what Johnny expected but he will still accept the crown, leading to the quest’s conclusion.

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