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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Catch Chocobo Piko



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Chocobo Piko

Chocobos are a great way to navigate and explore the various world regions in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and unlike its prequel, FF7 Rebirth offers much more Chocobo riding and is almost essential for navigating certain regions of the world. The very first Chocobo that players will get to mount is Piko and it is also tied to the main story of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Chocobo Piko in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Catch Chocobo Piko in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

For players to get their first Chocobo in FF7 Rebirth, they will first have to progress in the story and reach the Grasslands region in Chapter 2. Upon reaching Grasslands, players will meet ‘Billy’ at the Chocobo Ranch who will let you keep his runaway Chocobo bird named ‘Piko’ free of cost. Once players have spoken with Billy about the Chocobo, they can follow the following steps to catch Piko.

  • Go out of the front gate of the ranch and look to the path on the left side to find Chocbo’s prints and feathers.
  • Follow the footprints and feathers on the ground and you eventually go down the hill and reach an open field.
  • Piko can be seen at a distance in the field and the only way to get him is by approaching him stealthily. You need to walk in the field while crouched and don’t let the other two Chocobos see you.
  • Only move forward when the Chocobos’ faces are on the opposite to get across and reach close to Piko.
  • Once you have reached close to Chocobo, grab a rock from the ground and toss it behind Piko to let him face the other side.
  • Now, walk up behind him and press the Triangle button to get on his back before his distraction meter reaches zero.

Once you have gotten on the back of Piko, a brief cutscene will play out and from there, you need to follow the main objectives which include going back to the Ranch, talking to Chadley, and completing a race on Chocobo. Upon completing these objectives, you will be able to ride Piko anywhere in the Grasslands Region.

Keep in mind that every region on the world map has its own specific species of Chocobo that can be mounted to ride in the respective region. You cannot use Piko to ride in other regions so, it will require you to get a specific Chocobo for riding in a certain region.

The second region that players will get to explore after Grasslands is Junon in which they will have to get a separate Chocobo to continue exploring the region on Chocobo.

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