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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Upgrade Weapons



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Upgrade Weapons

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has various altered systems that players will be introduced to as they progress in the main story of the game. One of the altered systems in FF7 Rebirth from its prequel is upgrading the weapons. The weapons enhancement system works differently than FF7 Remake which might confuse a lot of the players at the start but this new system is very easy to understand and more automated.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The weapons in FF7 Rebirth are upgraded as players increase the Weapon Level by reaching the threshold of SP. SP is gained after every battle in the game and upon surpassing the threshold for the Weapon Level, it will increase the Weapon Level which increases certain stats of the party’s weapons. These stats include Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, and Magic Defense.

Furthermore, players will be able to put on various Weapon Skills on the weapons of the characters to gain additional buffs. To do so, players need to open the game menu and head into the ‘Upgrade Weapons’ section. From there, they need to select the character and their weapon, and then press the Triangle button to place an available weapon skill in the weapon slot.

It is not very long into the game’s playthrough when the players are introduced to this new weapon upgrading system, in fact, during Chapter 2 of the game, players will get to find a Weapons Vendor at Selvacarsa Weapons shop where the game will introduce this system. Players will get to put their first weapon skill on the weapon of their choice from the Upgrade Weapon menu.

The weapon menu will show the acquired weapon skills on the top right corner of the screen as well as upcoming level weapon skills on the bottom right corner of the screen along with the stats boost (ATK, M.ATK, etc.) Every time you level up the Weapon Level, you will gain a stats boost for every character’s weapons and new weapon skills along with additional weapon slots after certain levels.

There is no need to spend your points on a specific weapon or spend Gil to upgrade weapons like in the previous titles Final Fantasy titles. This new system is very automated and will upgrade your weapons on the go and will allow you to customize the weapon skills anywhere.

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