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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Catch Chocobo Belle (Junon Region)



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Catch Chocobo Belle

Chocobo riding is big in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and after exploring the Grasslands region with Piko (Chocobo), you will have to get Belle if you wish to continue Chocobo riding in the Junon region. However, unlike getting Piko, Belle is not a part of the main story so, you will have to complete a side quest to get it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Chocobo Belle in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Catch Chocobo Belle in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Catching Chocobo Belle for the Junon region will require you to complete the ‘Stuck in a Rut’ quest for the owner of Chocobo Stable in the region. Go to the Chocobo Ranch to find the owner and speak with him to start the quest. Once the quest has been accepted, follow along the path to the west of the ranch and you will reach an abandoned facility.

The abandoned facility will have several regular Chocobos and the one that you are looking for is a special one named Belle. To get to Belle, you will have to move stealthily behind the rail cars to avoid getting seen by other Chocobos and raising suspicion. You can follow the following steps to get to Belle successfully.

  • As you reach the first rail car, press and hold the triangle button to turn on the rail car. Move behind the rail car to the other side.
  • Upon reaching the next console, you need to turn it on and wait for the rail car to reach the starting of the rail. Now, turn on the console again and quickly roll behind the rail car to move across.
  • Upon reaching the end, head into the grass and pick up some rocks.
  • Aim the rocks at the console in front and throw a rock to turn on the console.
  • Now, move along the rail car and once you pass the first group of Chocobos, switch to the other side of the railcar to avoid the next Chocobo.
  • As the railcar reaches the final turn, switch again to the other side of the railcar to avoid Belle from seeing you.
  • Go to the end of the rail and then walk up behind Belle and press the triangle button to mount Belle.

Once you have mounted Belle, you will be able to ride her and explore all around the Junon region. Belle has the movement ability of climbing steep cliffs which will come in handy while exploring the region.

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