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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Skip Chapter 1 | Nibelheim



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Skip Chapter 1 Nibelheim

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues after the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake and puts players in the shoes of Cloud following the party’s escape from Midgar. The beginning chapter of FF7 Rebirth takes place in Nibelheim where players get to be a part of a playable flashback which was also included in the FF7 Rebirth Demo. Now, with the full release of the game, the game allows players to skip a major part of the chapter to continue the story of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to skip chapter 1 (Nibelheim) in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Skip Chapter 1 (Nibelheim) in FF7 Rebirth

Skipping the first Chapter (Nibelheim) in FF7 Rebirth will first require players to complete the FF7 Rebirth Demo that came out before the release of the full game. The Demo itself provides an hour-long journey that covers the exploration and incident that happened in Nibelheim. Upon completing the Demo, follow the following steps to skip most of the first chapter.

  • Open the full game and select the ‘Bonuses’ option in the game’s main menu.
  • It will show the available bonuses that are available and you need to select the ‘Check Saved Data’ option to get the bonuses.
  • Now, begin a new journey by selecting the ‘New Game’.
  • Pursue the exploration of Nibelheim and upon reaching the point where you will get to climb Mt. Nibel, you will get the prompt to skip the portion of investigating the Mako Reactor and resume play from the village.
  • Select the ‘Yes’ option to skip ahead to the village portion of the chapter.

The exploration and the climbing portion of the initial chapter is not very long but you would have to fight a few enemies and get introduced to the fighting mechanics in the climbing portion of the chapter. Once you have defeated the enemies, accept the automated prompt for skipping to skip ahead.

As I mentioned earlier, skipping will not skip the entire chapter as there are some alternative narrative scenes in the cutscenes in the full version of the game that are crucial for understanding the plot and the story.

The only crucial requirement for skipping most of Chapter 1 is that you have to first complete the Demo otherwise, you will not be able to skip it as the game will fail to scan your system of any available bonuses regarding the Demo, and skipping is one of the bonuses that Demo provides.

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