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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Pressure and Stagger Enemies



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Build Pressure and Stagger Enemies

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers an extensive combat system with up to nine different characters throughout the adventure. Every character has their own set of unique abilities and a playstyle that can be used in certain scenarios to gain an advantage in a battle. However, the main combat loop in battles will always be similar to each one which involves building the pressure on enemies and staggering them to gain damage multipliers to put out more damage numbers on the enemies regardless of what combat style, Active or Classic you are suing for the playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pressure and stagger enemies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Build Pressure on Enemies in FF7 Rebirth

The pressure term in FF7 Rebirth’s combat is essentially for increasing the build-up speed for staggering the enemies which would allow you to gain damage multipliers to deal more damage. Normally, as you engage in combat and do regular attacks, you will see the stagger bar fill up beneath the enemy’s HP but if you hit an enemy with a specific status elemental attack that they are weakened against, the Pressure term will come up which will speed up the staggering speed.

Every enemy in the game has their own weaknesses and methods to build pressure on them which can be seen by scanning the enemy with the Assess Materia. Upon scanning the enemy, it will open a menu with all the enemy details and the method to build pressure which will be written in yellow lines beneath the description of the enemy. Using the specified elemental attacks and the pressure method will build up the pressure quickly.

Furthermore, mostly all the enemies get the Pressuring status upon attacking them with the elemental status effect attacks, blocking/parrying their attacks, and dodging their abilities successfully. So, keep the focus on hitting the difficult enemies, especially the bosses with the elemental status effect attacks to build pressure on them.

How to Stagger Enemies in FF7 Rebirth

Staggering the enemies involves a consistent attack on them which raises the stagger bar located right beneath their HP bar. It is basically the very next step after building pressure on the enemies as building pressure raises the stagger bar swiftly. Once the stagger bar is full, the enemies will get stagger and you will gain damage multiplier which will allow you to deal more damage to the enemies while they are in staggered state.

Similar to building pressure, use the elemental status effect attacks and use the regular attacks constantly to build the stagger bar. Make sure to dodge the enemy attacks as well to stagger the enemies more efficiently.

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