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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Change Party Members



Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Change Party Members

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth allows up to seven playable characters each one with a unique playstyle and abilities. Players can use various party formations to tackle certain enemies using the new Party Management System. The new Party Management System in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is pretty self-explanatory and simple but there is a chance that you might be looking in the wrong menu to change the party members for the journey and battles ahead.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change party members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Change Party Members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The initial chapter of the game will require you only to play with the starting characters using the pre-defined party presets which can be changed at any time by heading into the commands and pressing the L1 and R1. As you progress ahead in the story and reach Chapter 2 of the story, you will be introduced to the Party Management System which will allow you to change your party members and the presets.

The party system in FF7 Rebirth allows you to change among three playable characters at a time which Cloud will always be a part of. However, four other characters accompany Cloud on the journey right from the beginning of the game but two of them will always play in the back unless you change them and add them to your party with Cloud.

This is due to two different party categories in FF7 Rebirth which includes Frontline and Backline. The Frontline is the main party that you will be able to control throughout the exploration and combat by using the directional pad whereas, the Backline party members assist you with basic attacks in a fight without any controlled commands.

To change the characters from backline to frontline or frontline to backline, you will need to head into the Party Management System accessed from the menu of the game.

  • Open the Main Menu and navigate to the Combat Settings.
  • Press the Square Button to initiate the ‘Edit Party’ function.
  • Now, select the character either from a Frontline or Backline to swap them by pressing the X button.

Furthermore, you can also change the Leader of the current party preset by pressing the Triangle button while in the Combat Settings menu. The Leader of the currently equipped party will automatically be handed over to the players whenever a fight scenario starts. Additionally, you can also change the default Party Presets by pressing the L1 and R1 in the Combat Settings menu.

Once you are satisfied with your party changes, simply head out from the menu, and all the changes will be saved automatically.

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