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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Monster Movie Night Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Monster Movie Night

The Monster Movie Night is the first Friendship Quest for Sulley that players will get to unlock once they have unlocked Sulley and Mike Wazowski and reached Level 2 Friendship with Sulley.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Monster Movie Night quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Monster Movie Night Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon reaching Friendship Level 2 with Sulley, speak with him and select the quest option to begin the Monster Movie Night quest. He will give you the proposal for bringing back the movie night event in the valley. To pursue this project, you must first find out what happened to the videotapes that Scrooge used to rent in his store. Go and speak with Scrooge McDuck and he will tell you to ask the following villagers for the videotapes.

  • Ursula
  • Mickey
  • Goofy

Open the map to find the villagers and then go and speak with each one. However, if you talk to Mickey, he will give you the clue that the videotape is buried in the deep cave at Dazzle Beach.

Find the Videotape

Upon speaking with the villagers about the videotape, go to Mystical Cave in the Dazzle Beach biome and make your way to the bottom of the cave to find a shiny spot on the ground with buried videotape. Use the Royal Shovel to dig out the videotape and then bring it to Sulley.

Make the Big Scream TV

As you bring the videotape to Sulley, he will tell you to get a big TV for the movie night. To get the Big Scream TV, you would have to craft it using the following materials.

  • 50x Fiber: Obtained by crafting at the Crafting Station using the Seaweed.
  • 20x Softwood: Found beneath the trees in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust biomes.
  • 10x Glass: Obtained by crafting at the Crafting Station using the Sand and Coal Ore.

Once you have gathered all the required materials, go and interact with the Crafting Station to craft a Big Scream TV. The recipe for Big Scream TV is located under the ‘Functional Items’ tab. Upon crafting the TV, bring it to Sulley. Now, speak with Mike about the Monster Movie Night and he will tell you to wear a proper outfit for the night.

Put on the Monster Movie Night Outfit

For the Monster Movie Night outfit, you need to wear a blue top, casual blue pants, and “Scarer Sulley” Slippers. You can wear any blue top and pants from your wardrobe and if you go to the Requests section in the wardrobe, you will find all the eligible clothing items for the outfit.

Lastly, for “Scarer Slippers”, you will have to order them from Scrooge McDuck’s store. Go to Scrooge and select the ‘I like to order some items’ option and then select the Clothing option. Now, select Sulley’s icon in the Requests section and scroll all the way down to find Scarer Sulley Slippers. It will cost you 10,000 Star Coins to order this clothing item.

Once you have ordered the item, open the wardrobe to complete your Monster Movie Night outfit. Upon wearing the outfit, go back to Sulley and speak with him. He will give you the Big Scream TV back to place it anywhere in the valley.

Place the Big Scream TV in the Valley

Go into the Build Mode by selecting the Furniture option, and then select Sulley’s icon under the Requests section to select the Big Scream TV. Now, place it anywhere in the valley and it will begin a brief animation where you will get to take a picture with various villagers.

Upon taking the picture, return to Sulley and speak with him to conclude the quest.

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