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Palia: How to Get Silk



Palia: Silk

There are different rarity of materials that players will have to get in Palia to both progress in the story as well as to decorate their house. Most of the early game materials whether Common or Uncommon can be found through various means but as players progress in the game, they will have to get Rare and Epic materials. One of the Rare materials is Silk which is a more exquisite form of Fabric.

Looking for a way to get Silk then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to get Silk in Palia.

How to Get Silk in Palia

There are two different ways in which you can get Silk in Palia.

  • Buying it from Furniture Store.
  • Crafting on your own.

Buying Silk from the Furniture Store can cost a lot of Gold as each piece of Silk will cost 145 Gold. If you are wealthy in the world of Palia then it would be no issue for you. You can also check our guide on Gold Farming to make more gold. To buy the Silk, you would have to go to the Furniture Store and interact with the Cash Register. Select the Silk and make the purchase to get the Silk.

Crafting Silk on your own would require several things. First and foremost, you need to unlock Fabric Loom. It is the crafter in which you will craft the Silk. After that, you need to unlock the Recipe for Silk. To do so, reach Level 6 in the Furniture Making Guild. Once you have reached Level 6, go to Tish and browse her Store to buy Silk Recipe which would cost you 1,500 Gold.

After getting the crafter and the recipe, you would have to get 5x Silk Thread to craft 1x Silk at the Fabric Loom. Crafting of each Silk will take 10 minutes.

You can also speed up the process if you craft more Fabric Loom Crafters in your plot area and divide the Silk Thread in each of the crafters to get multiple Silk after every 10 minutes.

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