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Palia: How to Increase Your Friendship Level Fast



Palia: Increase Friendship level Fast

Palia is a free-to-play Simulation MMORPG that offers various activities and engaging opportunities to players. As players start their adventure in the Palian World, they will get to meet several NPCs who will warmly welcome players. Players will get to complete the quests from the NPCs which will help them settle in the Palian World and make a healthy relationship with the NPCs. Having a good relationship is one of the aspects of Palia and it is done via the Friendship system in Palia. Increasing the Friendship Levels with NPCs unlocks new items and allows players to learn their back story and lore.

Looking for a way to rapidly increase your Friendship Levels with NPCs in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how you can increase your Friendship Level fast in Palia.

How to Increase Your Friendship Level Fast in Palia

There are 23 characters in Palia with which you can increase your Friendship Level. Each character has 4 Levels of Friendship/Relationship that you can strengthen by doing the following things.

  • Talk to them every Palian Day.
  • Give Gifts to them every Real-Life Day.
  • Fulfill their Weekly Wants.
  • Complete their Friendship Quests.

These four steps are the main and only way to increase your Friendship Level with any character in Palia.

Chat With Characters Every Palian Day

The most basic way to earn Friendship Points to Level up the Friendship Level is by talking to them every single Palian Day. The Palian Day ends roughly an hour of your gameplay so if you are playing for several hours, you can talk to the characters several time in your single gameplay and earns Friendship Points. To talk to the character/NPC, simply approach them and press F to Chat. Select the “Chat With “Name” dialogue to earn a few Friendship Points.

Give Gifts to Characters Every Real-Life Day

The next step is to give them gifts which can be done by approaching them and selecting the “Gift” icon on the bottom left of the dialogue box. It will open up your inventory on the right side and you just need to select an item from your inventory to give them a gift. Keep in mind that you will only gain Friendship Points from giving gifts once on a real-life day. You will have to give gifts to the same character the next day to gain more Friendship Points via giving gifts.

Fulfill Characters’ Weekly Wants

Another quick way to gain Friendship Points quickly is by fulfilling their Weekly Wants. To see the Weekly Wants of each character, open the menu and select the Relationships Tab (Heart Icon), and the Weekly Wants can be seen in the top right corner. The Weekly Wants contains four different items that you need to get or find in the Palian World and then give them to the respective characters. Each character has different items that they need so, make sure that you are giving the correct item to the correct character.

Complete Friendship Quests

As you increase your Friendship Level with characters with the three steps explained above, you will get to witness the unique stories and lore of each character. It will unlock Friendship Quests of the character that you can complete. By completing the Friendship Quests, you will gain the most Friendship Points and you increase your Friendship Level quickly with the characters.

As mentioned above, there are 4 Levels of Friendship for each character that you can achieve but some of the characters also have a Romance option on them which can be seen through the Relationships Tab. Romance has its own separate 4 Levels that can only be increased once you have proposed to the individual after reaching Level 4 of Friendship Level. So, increasing your Friendship Levels of characters will unlock various opportunities for you in the game.

That is all related to how to increase your Friendship Level Fast in Palia.

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