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Palia: Maji Market Event Guide



Palia: Maji Market Event

The recent update of Palia introduced its first-ever Event called Maji Market which takes place in Kilima Valley. The event has several activities for players to enjoy along with a unique Chapaa Chase mini-game that players can partake in to earn tickets which can be replaced for exclusive event items. There is a lot for players to explore in this event and we will guide you through each of the activities that Maji Market Event offers along with Active Time of event.

Time Period and Active Time of Maji Market Event in Palia

The Maji Market Event is for 1 whole month starting from 29 August 2023 to 26 September 2023. The event only starts at night time so you will be able to take part in the event on every Palian Night from 6 pm to 3 am local in-game time.

Maji Market Event Location

Maji Market is a whole new location that has been added to the Kilima Valley Map Zone. The Maji Market is located on the Southeast of the Kilima Valley map. As you go to the far southeast side, you will come across a new exit that will take you to the Maji Market Event.

You can visit the Maji Market at any time of the day but the activities and Chapaa Chase mini-game will only be available at night time.

How to Partake in the Maji Market Event

As you launch the game and join the server, you will receive a new letter from Kenli in your mail inviting you to the Maji Market Event. Wait for the night and make your way to the Maji Market location to partake in the Maji Market Event. By visiting the Maji Market for the first time, you will receive the Maji Market Moon Banner, an exclusive event item reward.

All Activities in the Maji Market Event

The activities that you will get to be part of are the following.

  • A Firework Show before the Chapaa Chase Mini-Game starts.
  • Chapaa Chase Mini-Game.
  • Villagers Stalls with the event theme.
  • Exclusive Event Quests.
  • Group Photos with other players.
  • Create Beats on 6 different Drums located around the Event location that shape up Fireworks.

Rewards and Stamp Cards

Other than the activities, you will be able to unlock over 50 exclusive event items and Stamp Cards by completing new event-related Accomplishments. To unlock the rewards, you will have to exchange the Chapaa Tickets that you get by catching Chapaas during the mini-game to the Chapaa Prize Crate beside Chapaa’s Pen and complete exclusive event quests for villagers.

Talk to villagers who are visiting the event or who have a stall in the event to start their event quest. Complete their quests to earn more exclusive rewards. Completing the event-related accomplishments will give you Stamp Cards which will unlock more exclusive rewards.

So, there are various exclusive rewards for you to unlock through the first event of Palia. Make sure to partake in an event every nighttime when you are playing the game to increase your chances of redeeming the exclusive rewards.

That is all related to the Maji Market Event in Palia.

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