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Palia: How to Play Chapaa Chase Mini-Game



Palia: Chapaa Chase mini-game

The Chapaa Chase Mini-Game in Palia is a part of the Maji Market Event, the first-ever Palia event. The event started on 29 August 2023, and one of the main highlights of this event is the Chapaa Chase Mini-Game which lets players earn Chapaa Tickets that will help them redeem exclusive event reward items from the Chapaa Chase Prize Stand.

Want to know how to play the Chapaa Chase Mini-Game in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will lay out all the rules for the Chapaa Chase mini-game and at what time you can participate in Palia.

How to Play Chapaa Chase Mini-Game in Palia

To play the Chapaa Chase mini-game, you will have to go to the new Maji Market location that has been added to the Kilima Valley map zone on the Southeast side of the map. Make your way to the new exit on the Southeast side of the map and you will reach the Maji Market that you can visit at any time of the day. However, the Maji Market event only starts at midnight so, you need to go from 6 pm to 3 am in-game time to take part in the event.

The Chapaa Chase mini-game starts every midnight at 12 a.m. after a cool firework show. Once the fireworks show has ended the Chapaa Chase mini-game will start for all of the players who are currently at the Maji Market. A 5-minute timer will start on top of the screen along with the total number of Chapaa that every player catches and the total number of tickets that you have earned by catching Chapaas.

The rules of the Chapaa Chase mini-game are simple. Catch as many Chapaas as you can and drop them at the Chapaa Pen beside the Chapaa Chase Prize Stand in under 5 minutes. By catching and dropping every Chapaa, you will earn 10x Chapaa Tickets which you can exchange with exclusive event reward items from the Chapaa Chase Prize Stand.

Once the time is over, you will be presented with your final score and earned Chapaa Tickets. You can also see how many Chapaas that everybody else caught with you from the results. You can play this mini-game every midnight of Palia day until 26 September 2023, so make sure to visit the Maji Market Event at night time and enjoy the fun activities alone or with your friends.

That is all related to how to Play the Chapaa Chase Mini-Game in Palia.

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