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Patent hints that the new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are on the way with D-pad and more changes



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It seems that an interesting new patent for Nintendo Switch has been published recently. In this case, it focuses on the controls on the console.

This is a patent for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con registered earlier this month. Thanks to this document, Nintendo could start production whenever it wanted.

In the published images, we can see the following details:

  • The biggest difference is that it has a traditional D-pad/crosshead instead of four separate buttons.
  • The Joy-Con joystick is similar to the low Circle Pad used on the Nintendo 3DS, rather than the taller joysticks on normal Joy-Cons

It is unknown whether these pair of changes could put an end to the Joy-Con Drift issue, which causes many Joy-Con’s to end up activating the sticks without the user touching them. It’s also possible that they could be offered alongside the launch of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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