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Players Finally Make Significant Progress in The Cow Level, Diablo IV’s Greatest Mystery



Players Finally Make Significant Progress in The Cow Level, Diablo IV's Greatest Mystery

Players initially stumbled upon the Cow Level mystery back in June, reporting the existence of three mysterious Relics that needed to be discovered to unlock the secret. There was no progress made after that point until the launch of the new Season of Blood. During the Season of Blood, a player by the name of “Grampa Joe” uploaded a video in which he obtained a mysterious relic, the Musty Tome, by slaying 666 Cows. He mentioned that he had been engaged in cow-slaying for three hours, and upon killing the 666th Cow, the Musty Tome relic dropped, labeled as a Quest Item.

In his video, Grampa Joe also explained that the Musty Tome provides clues to finding the remaining two Relics. These additional relics can be acquired by slaying 666 Cows, one in the Dry Steppes region and another in the Hawezar region. Each region will yield a specific relic, and once all three are obtained, they combine to form a ‘Strange Key’ that can be used to unlock the Forlorn Hovel, a level teeming with cows.

To obtain the key, Grampa Joe purified all of the Relics at the OX Statues in Ked Bardu and then used the key to unlock the Forlorn Hovel, as demonstrated in his latest video. The Forlorn Hovel does indeed contain numerous cows, and after clearing them out, one of the cows dropped a Stamina Potion. This potion doesn’t appear to have an immediately discernible effect, but it remains active for five minutes.

As of now, progress in unraveling the mysterious Cow Level has reached this point, and it remains uncertain whether the mystery has been fully revealed or if more remains to be discovered.

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