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Pokémon GO players are upset about the “meager” value of Community Day tickets



Pokémon GO players are upset about the "meager" value of Community Day tickets

Pokémon GO, the well-known Niantic mobile title, holds a monthly ‘Community Day’ event, in which one of the Pokémon is the protagonist, which means that it will appear in large numbers during the course of the event.

Well, since last March 6, it was the Pokémon Fletchling that we can see more frequently during the celebration, which was introduced in the sixth generation and whose final evolution is Talonflame, fire and flying type. For this reason the chances of finding it in its shiny form increase considerably.

However, as is always the case, it never rains to everyone’s liking and many players are upset because of the “low” value of Community Day tickets. A post on the r / TheSilphRoad subreddit went viral after player ‘lewymd’ created a graph to demonstrate the difference between the content of the past Pay Ticket and the current one in 2021.

These are the data that have been shared:

  • He noted that the last Community Day only had rewards worth up to 200 Pokécoins, compared to previous events which were valued at around 420.
  • Although the conversion of real-world money to Pokémon GO currency is not 1 to 1, the difference of 220 points made many wonders if the entries were still worth it.
  • In fact, several claimed that if they had known in advance that the rewards were this poor, they would not have bought them.
  • The creator of the theme who made the publication further added: “It seems that Niantic has decided to experiment with tickets in 2021 to see how much they can sell before people stop buying it.”
  • Despite the ticket price being $ 0.99 for Community Day in March, many voiced their frustrations over what they argue is a decrease in the value of paid monthly research.

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