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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Full List of Main Missions



Pokemon Legends Arceus: Full List of Main Missions

Pokémon Legends Arceus is differentiated by a scenario different from what we are used to seeing in the main series. So no initiatory journey to go around the Arena Champions before facing a League, here we are in a more classic RPG logic with a plot divided into chapters.

In this article, you will find the complete list of these chapters. There are only the titles but still, be careful of spoilers. As we progress, certain titles will become links to walkthroughs for these missions.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Main Mission List

  • An unknown land
  • The test
  • The art of tailoring
  • Beginning of the research: the Pokédex tasks
  • Ryza’s Request
  • The summons of leader Cormier
  • The Forest King’s Rage
  • Marcia’s concern
  • A new task
  • The Island without a King
  • A perilous ascent
  • The Sleeping King of the Snowy Plains
  • sudden changes
  • The Truth Lake Ordeal
  • The Courage Lake Trial
  • Knowledge Lake Trial
  • At the top of Mont Couronné
  • A second creature
  • After the big party
  • In the footsteps of legends
  • The lakes plate
  • Fire-Spitting Island Plaque
  • The Arena of the Moon plate
  • Frimapic Temple plaque
  • The Premiépas Beach plaque
  • The last of the plates
  • The Pokémon worshiped as a deity

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