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Pokémon Legends: Arceus- How To Catch Elite Pokémon



Pokémon Legends: Arceus- How To Catch Elite Pokémon

Elite Pokémon are a new feature in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They are powerful monsters that you can encounter very early on and are vastly outnumbered. But how exactly do Elite Pokémon differ from their peers and is it possible to catch Elite Pokémon? You can find all the answers in this guide.

What are Elite Pokémon?

You can easily recognize Elite Pokémon in the game world by their size and their glowing red eyes. Elite Pokémon are always the maximum size of a monster, it can’t get any bigger. If you target an Elite Pokémon, it will also be represented with a special icon. Elite Pokémon can have their own entries in the Pokédex (switch using the plus button). You can also loot different items from them than from the normal versions – usually Master Seeds and XP Candy.

Aside from their appearance, Elite Pokémon are also differentiated by their stats. Each Elite Pokémon is guaranteed to have three stats at Power Level 3 . The performance level is usually increased by performance items (performance sand etc.) and affects the stats.

In addition, Elite Pokémon may be able to master moves that you would otherwise have to acquire from move master Belila. That saves you some money. Finally, it should be mentioned that Elite Pokémon can also be Shiny .

What elite Pokémon are there?

Aside from Legendary Pokémon, all monsters can also appear as Elite Pokémon. In the five areas, there are some fixed locations for Elite Pokémon, which you have certainly already encountered. However, there is still a very low probability (less than 2%) that a Pokémon will spawn as an Elite Pokémon. So you can randomly encounter an Elite Pokémon anywhere and thus get your favorite Pokémon in the Elite form.

Can you catch Elite Pokémon?

Yes, Elite Pokémon can be caught! It’s just pretty hard. You can drop them in the game world with a Poké Ball, but they’re guaranteed to break out. So you should go into battle. It is best to save the game before you try, so as not to waste your Pokéballs unsuccessfully.

The greater the difference between your level and the Elite Pokémon’s level, the more difficult it is to catch the Elite Pokémon. But it’s also not worth catching an Elite Pokemon early in the game that’s way too strong. If your Star Rank is too low, the Elite Pokémon will not obey and will not be of any help in battle.

To increase your chances of catching, the usual rules apply. You have to bring the Elite Pokémon’s HP into the red area and preferably weaken it with a status change. As you increase in Star Rank, you will also gain access to better Poké Balls. Of course, you have better chances with Hyper Balls than with a normal Poké Ball.

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