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Pokemon legends: Arceus- How to change name and gender afterward



Pokemon legends: Arceus- How to change name and gender afterward

At the moment there is no way in Pokemon Legends Arceus to change the gender or the name afterward. Once selected, it cannot be changed afterward. By the way, it looks different when it comes to looks and outfits. If you don’t like the look of the game character anymore, you just have to travel to the clothing store or to Jublife Village on your own four walls and stand in front of the mirror there. The mirror is the “wardrobe” and here you can arbitrarily change your appearance in the form of clothes. You can buy more outfits and unlock them as the game progresses. In addition, there is the possibility to change the hair in the hairstyle.

pokemon legend arceus name changing

If you are not at all satisfied with the name you have chosen, or if you really want to play with a female instead of a male character (or vice versa), you can of course delete the saved game at any time and start over, or simply create a second saved game. In another article, we briefly described how to create a second saved game in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Should there still be away in the future to change the player name and gender, then we will of course add the information here.

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