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Pokémon Legends: Arceus- How to Evolve Damhirplex into Damythir



Pokémon Legends: Arceus- How to Evolve Damhirplex into Damythir

Damythir is a new monster in Pokémon Legends: Arceus that will also support you as a mount on your journey. If you want to own it as a full team member, you must develop Damhirplex into Damythir. That’s the only way since Damythir is one of the few Pokémon that doesn’t appear in the game world. We’ll tell you the secret development method for it.

Locations of Damhirplex

First of all, you should of course catch a Damhirplex. You’ll likely encounter the Pokemon on its own at Antler Rise in Obsidian Grasslands. If you’re already further into the game, it’s a good idea to catch Damhirplex in one of the other areas so that it has a higher level. Damhirplex also inhabits the Cobalt Coastlands (Windbreak Forest), Crater Mountain Highlands (Wirthwood), and White Frostlands (Glacial Steps).

Evolve Damhirplex and get Damythir

Damhirplex has a rather specific development method. You have to use the attack Barrier Bash 20 times in Tempo style! Damhirplex learns Barrier Strike at level 21. You may then need to add Manage Moves and Barrier Strike to Damhirplex’s menu in the active moveset if it uses other moves.

Has learned Damhirplex Barrier Push at level 21, but the training is not over yet. Damhirplex must first master the attack before you can switch to the Tempo style. This happens at level 31. Alternatively, you could use a master seed at Belila (training ground in Jubeldorf) so that Damhirplex masters barrier push earlier.

Once that groundwork is done, all you have to do is fight and use Tempo-style Barrier Push 20 times. Since the AP is not enough, you have to return to a camp several times and rest. If you have seen the 20th barrier push, it will be indicated that Damhirplex can evolve – an additional level up is not necessary. Finally, go to the menu and trigger Damhirplex’s evolution to get the Normal/Psychic Pokémon Damythir.

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