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Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Space-Time Distortions- Find rare Pokémon and items



Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Space-Time- Distortions- Find rare Pokémon and items

The space-time distortions are a new feature in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Very strong and rare Pokémon await you in these distortions, which you can only find there, among other things. In this guide, we will explain to you exactly how space-time distortions work and which peculiarities you have to consider.

Unlock space-time distortions

This feature becomes active as soon as you have defeated Axantor, the king of the forest, thus completing main mission 7 . When you then tackle the next main mission and head into the Red Marsh, Professor Laven will make you aware of the space-time distortions.

How do space-time distortions work?

Space-time distortions appear randomly and cannot be forced by you. When you complete Pokédex tasks, however, it seems more likely that they will appear. When a space-time distortion is in the offing, a notification will appear on your screen and an icon on the map will mark the location of the distortion.

It takes about 5 minutes for the space-time distortion to form. Important: You must not sleep in the base camp, otherwise the distortion will disappear again. The distortion also goes away if you turn off the game and restart it. So you can’t cheat and save from the space-time distortion to look for the Pokémon or items you want.

Once the space-time distortion has formed, step into it quickly. You will not only find strong Pokémon here but also monsters that can only be found in this way. With each space-time distortion, however, only a small selection of the Pokémon appear. In addition, you can also find rare items such as development stones or valuable nuggets.

Pokémon that only appear in space-time distortions

It is important in which area you are currently located. Each of the game’s five areas has different exclusive Pokemon in the Time-Space distortions. This also includes the starters and their developments. But they only appear after the main story. The table below shows you all exclusive spawns in the distortions.

Obsidian GrasslandRed MarshlandCobalt LittoralCrater Mountain HighlandsWhite Frostland
Snibunnanight macawAquanaRameidonglaciola
folipurbafiery gelflamaraSchilterusOttaro
Felinarahedgehog avarBolterusZwottronin
Porygon ZBauz

Rare items that appear in the space-time distortions

Finally, here is a list of items that you can find in the space-time distortions. Only the three colored shards are exclusive items. You can also find the other items outside of the distortions in the game.

  • Stardust
  • star piece
  • nugget
  • crimson piece
  • indigo piece
  • piece of green
  • water stone
  • thunderstone
  • flint
  • leaf stone
  • light stone
  • Darkstone
  • sparkling stone
  • protector
  • metal jacket
  • upgrade
  • dubious disc
  • gloomy cloak
  • sharpclaw
  • sharptooth
  • Stromizer
  • magmaizer
  • connecting cord
  • black eye

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