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Pokémon players seem sick of trolls bringing Magikarp to raids



Pokemon sword is Nintendo switch's best-selling game in Japan (as of January 27-February 2)

You are waiting in line for the toughest battle in the Pokémon Sword and Shield. You need time and careful picking a monster that has a high enough level, a move set and a type advantage. You entered the raid and were ready to deal with any big bad guy.

Then you notice that one of your teammates brought a Magikarp to the arena. Do you know – the “useless” water that runs around? That guy.

The funny thing is that this seems to happen to almost everyone who plays social media-based Pokémon swords and shields, especially those who play offline. Magikarp seems to be the first choice for NPC combatants to enter the raid. The good news is that Magikarp doesn’t just use Splash again and again, it doesn’t work: instead, Magikarp tends to know how to move the hyper beam, which is powerful and unexpected. It’s not that this will eventually make a huge difference, sometimes.

What is the most exciting part? The NPC that brought Magikarp into the raid is often a young female student. So basically, everyone is because a little girl who may not know better anger.

You might think that it would be better if you raided the Internet and other real players, but it seems that some trolls also intentionally bring useless monsters into multiplayer games. It has been reported that one of the most popular tactics is to bring a magic card with a focus belt into the raid, which ensures that it will not die in a strike. However, it does not guarantee that the Master will do something meaningful in the battle.

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