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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Check Pokemon’s Size



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Check Pokemon’s Size

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokemon and players do keep close Pokemon with the highest levels to themselves because they will be able to take down the high-level Pokemon in the battles. But how do they know what is the size of the Pokemon that are with them? Most of the players think that the Pokemon that are small will be small in size as well but they can surprise you when you check their size of them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to check your Pokemon’s Size in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Size

Pokemon are different in size and players cannot judge their size just by looking at them or the way they look. You will find most of the Pokemon looking small in size as they completely hide in the tall grass but if you get to check their sizes, you’ll be surprised. Pokemon also change their sizes as they level up or evolve into a new shape. So, when you level up the Pokemon or give them a specific item to evolve them, all of their stats, their EVs, and their size will also change.

Checking Pokemon’s Size

Checking your Pokemon’s Size is not simpler as it sounds because it sounds like you would be able to see it from the summary but you won’t find any description of the Pokemon’s Size. To check the size of the Pokemon, you need to meet with a specific NPC in the game. The NPCs in the game have a very useful role because they allow you to do different sorts of things for your Pokemon. One of the things that a specific NPC can do for you is telling you how exactly big or small your Pokemon is.

To find the NPC, you need to go to a town named “Mesagoza” which is basically the first town your character will visit in the main story of the game. To get to this Town, you need to complete the whole Prologue of the game. After completing the Prologue, you’ll come to Mesagoza, the main town of Paldea. This town has various shops where you can buy all sorts of items and NPCs that you can interact with to get different information or items as well.

Checking Pokemon’s Size

As there are many NPCs in Mesagoza, the NPC that you need to talk to know the Pokemon’s Size will be standing near the Flowers on the west side of the town. You need to go to the left side of the town and make your way towards the shop and you’ll see different flowers in a circle. There’ll be an NPC standing next to the flower wearing a white hat. If you close to the NPC, you will also see the golden dialogue on her head saying “Do you care how big your Pokemon are?”.

Interact with the NPC and she will ask you to select the Pokemon for which you want to know the Size. Accept and then you’ll get to the menu where you can select one of the Pokemon in the Party. Select the Pokemon and then she’ll tell you the size of the selected Pokemon. You can get an idea of the actual size of the Pokemon by talking to her. If you want to check any Pokemon’s Size, you can come to her and know the size of the Pokemon.

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