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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find the Dusk Stone



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find the Dusk Stone

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also have the mechanics of Evolvement of the Pokemons that are very necessary at some point in the game. Evolving Pokemons will increase their stat as well as their level which will then deal great damage to other Pokemons in the battles. One of the main items required for the Evolvement of Pokemons is the Evolution Stones. One of the Evolution Stones that you can find after progressing in the main path of the game is the Dusk Stone and you do want to get your hands on it as soon you unlock the specific area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to Find the Dusk Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finding Dusk Stone

Dusk Stone is one of the late-game Evolution Stones that players can find after progressing through one of the main paths in the game. The Path that players need to progress in is the Victory Road Path in which players take down different Gym Leaders and claim their Badges. Once players have obtained 6 Gym Badges, the Dusk Stone will be able to collect by players at a specific Location on the map. Dusk Stone is used to evolving a certain species of Pokemon and if you have one of those Pokemon then you can evolve them by using the Dusk Stone on it.

The Dusk Stone can be found in one of the areas on the North side of the Map. If players make their way to the North Side of the map, they will reach a town named “Montenevera” where they can find this Dusk stone. Montenevera also has a Gym Building and if you are playing from the lowest level to the highest level then you would have defeated the Montenevera Gym Leader.

Finding Dusk Stone

Now, to look for the Dusk Stone in the Town, you need to go to the Back side of the Montenevera Gym Building and you’ll see a shining Poke Ball on the snow. Go close to pick up the item and it will show you that you picked up the Dusk Stone. It will also show you the description of the Dusk Stone on the screen which will say “A Peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokemon evolve. It holds dark shadows within it.” After getting the Dusk Stone, players can evolve the following Pokemon with the Dusk Stone.

  • Murkrow > Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus > Mismagius

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