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Portal: Revolution – How to Solve Chapter 1 Chamber 9



Portal: Revolution Chapter 1 Chamber 9

Getting past the test chambers is essential for progressing in the Portal: Revolution main story. One of the difficult chambers that players will encounter in the very first chapter: The Human Resource is Chamber 9.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the Chapter 1 Chamber 9 puzzle in Portal Revolution.

How to Solve Chapter 1 Chamber 9 Puzzle in Portal: Revolution

Chamber 8 requires players to place the block on the red button to unlock the exit door. The red button is located on the other side of the blocked wall which can be removed by blocking the laser using the block. However, the button to get the block is also inside a blocked wall on the opposite side of the first blocked wall. To complete the test chamber 9, follow the following steps.

  • Upon reaching the test chamber 9, shoot a portal on the Chamber 9 Screen.
  • Go to the chamber 8 area and shoot the other portal on the wall in front to reach the button area.
  • Press the button to get the block and then move it out of the portal to place it on the red button powering the blocked wall.
  • After disabling the blocked wall, shoot a portal on the laser area and press the button again to get another block.
  • Take the block and move it out of the portal to place it in front of the laser to remove the wall.
  • Now, look up at the blue bridge in front and shoot a portal to extend the bridge to the door.
  • Cross to the other area and use the pusher to reach the other side of the laser. Open a blue portal to get another block and use it to block the laser.
  • Shoot a portal again on the bridge to extend it towards the door and then use the pusher again.
  • Grab the block and place it on the red button to open the door.

Once you have gone through each step, walk through the exit of test chamber 9 to complete the puzzle.

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