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Portal: Revolution – How to Solve Chapter 6 Chamber 8



Portal: Revolution - Chapter 6 Chamber 8

Getting past the all-new test chambers of a new fan-made mode of Portal 2, Portal: Revolution will often put players in a confusing state due to difficult test chambers. While traversing to reach the Surface during Chapter 6: The Climb, one of the difficult test chambers that players will have to get past is Chamber 8, the final test chamber of Chapter 6.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Chapter 6 Chamber 8 in Portal: Revolution.

How to Solve Chapter 6 Chamber 8 in Portal Revolution

Upon reaching test chamber 8, fall into the pipe at the start of the chamber to reach the door button as well as a spawning button for the block. Jump to the lower platform to find another red button that activates the bridge above and another calling button for the block. Look straight from the calling button and open the portal on the white wall above. Open the other portal on the lower white wall with the target symbol.

Now, interact with the calling button to spawn a block which will get pushed into the one portal and come out of the portal towards you. Pick up the block and place it on the red button to activate the bridge. Shoot the portal on the wall in front to make a bridge and then walk ahead on the bridge, align yourself with the target symbol, and shoot the portal on it to make the bridge below.

Go towards the pusher and shoot the blue portal on the white wall above the pipe. It will take you directly back to the door button area from where you get to call another block which will be delivered directly to you through the pipe.

Place the block on the red button to open the door and then walk through the exit to conclude test chamber 8 of Chapter 6.

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