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Portal: Revolution – How to Solve Chapter 4 Chamber 10



Portal: Revolution - Chapter 4 Chamber 10

Chapter 4: The Diversion raises the difficulty of test chambers as it is the only path through which players will get to reach the Spire. Almost through halfway the game, players will reach the Chamber 10 of Chapter 4, one of the trickiest test chambers in the game.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the Chapter 4 Chamber 10 puzzle in Portal: Revolution.

How to Solve Chapter 4 Chamber 10 in Portal: Revolution

Chapter 4’s test chamber 10 requires players to place a ball on the socket to unlock the exit door. However, the socket is located on high ground, and the only way to reach it is to use the levitation force and some gel. To complete Chapter 4 Chamber 10, follow the following steps.

  • Go inside the test chamber 10 and go to the left side to find a red button. Standing on the red button will activate the levitation force and you need to open a portal right beneath the force.
  • After opening the first portal, look to the right side of the button and open the portal on the wall. It will catch the blue gel from the pipe.
  • Wait for the Gel to go through the portal and halfway up from the floor. Get off the button and open a portal on the tilted wall on the right side. It will let the gel splash on the floor and will give you a speed boost upon having momentum.
  • Stand on the button again and look to the far-left side to see a ball on the platform. Open the portal to push the ball with force and bring it to the current side.
  • Get off the button and pick up the ball to place it on the button.
  • Move yourself inside the levitation force and open the portal for the gel again. Let the gel get close to the button and then shoot a portal again on the tilted wall to let the gel splash on the ball and move it resulting in disabling of the force and reaching the exit door.
  • There will be a button to call another ball in the exit area. However, before you call a ball, open a portal on the ball floor and the second portal on the tilted wall.
  • Press the button to call the ball and it will go through the portals and directly on the socket which will unlock the exit door.

Once you have gone through each step, walk through the exit of test chamber 10 to complete the puzzle.

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