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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – How to Defeat Jahandar



Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Defeat Jahandar

Jahandar is the second main boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown whom players will encounter in the Lower City biome. Jahandar is located beyond Simurgh Gate for which players will have to unlock the Bow/Chakram to get past it. Upon getting past Simurgh Gate, players will come to an open arena where the boss fight takes place.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Jahandar in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to Defeat Jahandar in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Jahandar is a Flying Lion/Bat-Scorpion creature with several attacks including both poisonous and magical attacks. It is a two-phased boss fight with the first being a short phase while the second being a long phase. Both of the phases have almost the same attacks along with some additional and advanced attacks in the second phase.

The normal attacks can be blocked and parried but the heavy attacks should be dodged to counterattack Jahandar. Unlike mini-bosses or even General Uvishka, it is hard to get behind Jahandar and attack him from behind due to his flying repositioning ability. The best way to defeat him is to tackle his attacks properly and use the Athra Surge ability whenever charged to deal extensive damage.

It is crucial to learn all of Jahandar’s attacks to figure out the counterattack to each attack and punish him after his every attack. We have explained both of the phases of the fight and all of the attacks within each section for a better understanding of the fight.

Jahandar Phase 1

Jahandar’s phase one is a very short phase which is completed after depleting only a quarter of his HP. He is less aggressive in the first phase but uses almost all kinds of attacks. All the attacks of Jahandar and their counterattack in the first phase are the following.

  • Poisonous Sting: A flashing red light will appear in Jahandar’s eyes and will strike its sting on your position. Use the dodge to get away from the sting area and start attacking him to deal damage. Don’t step into the poisonous pool created by the sting as it will deal you poisonous damage over time.
  • Ground Slam: A flashing red light will appear in Jahandar’s eyes and will fly up to slam on your position. Wait for it to go up and then use the dodge to get away from the area of effect. You will get a short time to land a couple of hits to Jahandar to deal minimal damage after the attack.
  • Claw Strike: Jahandar will roar and raise its claw to strike in the forward direction. It can be both blocked and parried at the perfect time but also can be dodged to get beneath Jahandar to land a combo and deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Tail Whip: If you attack Jahandar from behind, he will whip his tail to attack you. It can also be both blocked and parried at the perfect time as well as dodged. Dodging is better as you can land your next hit swiftly right after the attack and then advance with a combo.

Alongside these four attacks of Jahandar, he will also charge you with a Reckless Attack (Yellow Attack). You can deal the most damage to him by parrying the Reckless Attack at the perfect time. Other than that, if you have charged the Athra Gauge and wish to use it then unleash the ability to deal even more damage throughout the phase.

Once you have depleted a quarter of Jahandar’s HP, he will fly away, starting the second phase.

Jahandar Phase 2

Jahandar will be more aggressive in Phase Two and will have advanced attacks of some previous attacks along with new attacks including the magical ones. Other than that, he will often use Reckless Attacks and it is your golden opportunity to deal the most damage to him within this phase as it is the last and longest phase of the fight. All attacks of Jahandar and their counterattack in the second phase are the following.

  • Poisonous Sting (Advanced): it is similar to the poisonous sting attack in the first phase but the attack continues as the tail of Jahandar will follow your movement from beneath the ground and strike you. You need to dodge the first sting and then keep moving in the arena to not get hit by the advancing sting from beneath the ground. It is best to first dodge away from Jahandar and then dodge into Jahandar to land a couple of combo attacks to deal damage to him.
  • Flying Magic Ball: Jahandar will roar and create a flying Magic Ball that will strike you from above. Destroy the ball by jumping up and striking it three times. It is best to destroy it as soon as Jahandar spawns it.
  • Poisonous Arrows: Jahandar will shoot multiple Poisonous Arrows at your position which deals damage over time. You can try to parry it but the window for it is very small. It is best to dodge it to prevent getting hit by an arrow.
  • Roar: Jahandar will roar in the forward direction to both push you back and deal damage. It can be blocked and parried at the perfect time but if you stay at a safe distance from him, it will not affect you.

Apart from these attacks, Jahandar will also use the attacks from the previous phase so, you have to be focused on which ones to parry and which ones to dodge to get your hits in. If you are parrying the attacks then it will fill the Athra Gauge more quickly allowing you to use Athra Surge multiple times throughout the fight to deal extensive damage.

Upon depleting Jahandar’s HP completely, a brief cutscene will play in which Sargon gets to execute Jahandar.

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