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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – How to Defeat Kiana, the Forest Queen



Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Kiana the Forest Queen

Kiana is the third main boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown whom players will encounter in the Hyrcanian Forest biome during ‘The Path to the Sands Prison’ main quest. Players will have to make their way through the Catacombs and the Sunken Harbor biomes to reach the forest from beneath. It is the first boss fight that upscales the difficulty due to her multiple phases and varied move sets.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Kiana, the Forest Queen in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to Defeat Kiana, the Forest Queen

Kiana is a strong enemy who wields a Spear as a weapon and has several attacks which include aerial attacks and explosive purple blobs. However, Kiana is not alone in this fight as her Flying Wolf will assist her in the fight which stays throughout the whole fight. It is a three-phased boss fight with two transitions in between the fight which will narrowly alter the play style of Kiana.

Kiana is quick on her attacks and covers a decent area of the fighting arena through which dodging can be somewhat hectic. It is best to master the art of parrying as it is the best way to defeat Kiana efficiently. You can easily parry Kiana’s attacks at the perfect time and if you have an Amulet equipped like Rukhsana’s Gift, then you will be replenishing your health throughout the fight which will make the fight easier for you.  

Parrying Kiana’s attacks not only saves you from getting hit by her attacks but also charges the Athra Gauge which allows you to utilize Athra Surges often and deal extensive damage to her. It is best to use two Level 1 Athra Surges in this fight as you will get to use two Athra Surges one after the other on max Athra Gauge.

Kiana has multiple Unstoppable Attacks (Red Attacks) that she will use while using a normal attack as well but there will be a little window for you to both parry the normal attack and dodge away from the heavy attack. You have to be focused on Kiana throughout the fight to get the perfect parries and land every possible hit and combo to deal damage to her.

It is crucial to learn all of Kiana’s attacks to figure out the counterattack to each attack and punish her after every attack. We have explained all three phases of the fight and all of the attacks within each section for a better understanding of the fight.

Kiana, the Forest Queen Phase 1

The first phase of the boss fight will have most of Kiana’s base attacks and getting your grip on these attacks will give you an advantage in the further phases as Kiana only advances these base attacks into more deadly attacks. So, be ready on the parries and dodge your way out of the red attacks.

  • Shadow Bite: A standard heavy attack where the wolf will attack from behind the shadows. A red flashy light will appear in the wolf’s eyes and it is your key to dodge out of the way and quickly land a couple of hits before it jumps away.
  • Aerial Attack: Another heavy attack where the wolf will come from beneath. Again, keep your eyes on the lookout for the flashy red lights and then immediately dodge away. The Wolf will fly up in the air and slam on the ground while Kiana will shoot purple blobs which will explode when you get near them or after a few moments. It is best to destroy the blobs immediately using the arrows.
  • Spear Throw: Kiana will throw a Spear at you and vanish in the forest while her Wolf will gradually slide in the forward direction. Parry her spear to deflect it on the wolf to deal damage and then jump up and use the aerial dash to dodge the wolf’s attack.
  • Boomerang Spear: Kiana will spin her spear and throw it at you like a boomerang which returns to her. You need to stand close to Kiana as she starts to spin the spear and as soon as she throws it, parry it and it will give you enough time to land a combo along with additional hits or an Athra Surge. As the spear comes back, parry it again.

These are all the attacks that Kiana will use in the first phase and once you have depleted a quarter of her HP, the fight will go into the first transition where you will enter some sort of a Shadow Realm. She will attack you from three different directions – Up, Right, and Left. The strikes from the Up directions are all Unstoppable Attacks whereas the attacks from the Right and Left side are normal. You need to dodge the heavy attacks and parry the normal attacks to survive the transition phase.

It is not difficult to parry all the attacks and dodge at the same time as there is a small delay in each attack that can be mastered easily.

Kiana, the Forest Queen Phase 2

The second phase of the boss fight has only one additional attack along with some advanced attacks from the previous phase.

  • Shadow Bite: After the wolf tries to bite you from coming out of the shadow, Kiana will land a heavy attack as the wolf goes away. Dodge the wolf bite and land a couple of hits until it goes away and then dodge again.
  • Boomerang Spear: Unlike the previous phase, Kiana will throw the Spear in the air first and the Wolf will shoot a beam from its mouth on the ground. You need to jump in the air and use the aerial dash to avoid the beam of the wolf and then land a couple of hits on the wolf to deal damage and as the spear gets close, parry it.
  • Dive Attacks: The wolf will fly away and Kiana will do a dive attack from the air, right after that, the wolf will dive from the air to your position. You need to dodge both of the dive attacks from Kiana and the wolf.
  • Spinning Spear (Reckless Attack): During this phase, Kiana will most likely do her Reckless Attack in which Kiana and Wolf go to each side and throw the spear. You need to parry the spear both of the times and get in a couple of hits. Once the spear attack has finished, Kiana will fly into you with a yellow flashy light in her eyes. Parry it at the perfect time to deal extensive damage.

The rest of the phase remains the same and once you have depleted more than half of her HP, the fight will go into the second transition. It will take you back to the Shadow Realm where you will get attacked by Kiana from three different directions. However, this time the attacks will be faster.

Kiana, the Forest Queen Phase 3

The third phase is similar to the second phase as it includes the advanced attacks and the other attacks from the previous phases.

  • Shadow Bite: This time when the wolf comes out of the shadow to bite you, it will do a slow breath attack. You need to dodge the bite and then jump in the air and use the aerial dash to dodge the breath attack.
  • Wolf Charge Attack: Wolf will charge you with an Unstoppable Attack. You need to dodge this attack by using the teleportation Time Power. Place the shadow mark ahead and then run back. Let the wolf cross the shadow and then teleport to the mark to dodge the attack.

The rest of the attacks in the final phase stays the same as the previous phases. Once you have depleted Kiana’s HP, the boss fight will be concluded without any third transition.

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