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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – How to Unlock Vayu’s Wave Athra Surge Ability



Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Vayu's Wave

There are 10 different Athra Surge abilities of different levels in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown that players will get to unlock by various means. Some of them are unlocked by progressing in the main storyline while others are obtained from completing side quests or hidden around in various biomes. One of the Athra Surge Abilities that players can unlock fairly early in the game is Vayu’s Wave.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Vayu’s Wave Athra Surge Ability in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to Unlock Vayu’s Wave Athra Surge Ability

The Vayu’s Wave is a Level 1 Athra Surge ability that can only be unlocked by completing Artaban’s first nine combat tutorials. Artaban is a friendly Swordmaster located in the top right corner of The Haven area in the Lower City biome. Players will be able to reach The Haven area during the ‘Lost in Mount Qaf’ main quest.

Upon reaching The Haven, jump on the platforms to go up on the right side to find Artaban and then talk to him to see all the available combat tutorials. Initially, Artaban will only teach nine tutorials which are the following.

  • Standard Attacks
  • Launchers
  • Aerial Attacks
  • Charged Attacks
  • Enemies Reactions
  • Defensive Options
  • Advanced Movements
  • Parry
  • Athra Surge

Completing each tutorial will reward you with 50 Time Crystals and once you have completed all 9 of the starting tutorials, the Vayu’s Wave will be unlocked and added to the Athra Surge menu which you will be able to equip at any Wak-Wak tree.  

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