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Remnant 2: How to Defeat Ripsaw (Boss Fight)



Remnant 2 - How to Defeat Ripsaw

Ripsaw is a strong enemy with a Chainsaw Weapon that deals a lot of damage. The Chainsaw is very deadly and players will have to work their way around the Chainsaw to find an opening on Ripsaw to deal damage to him. However, Ripsaw is not a monster but he is quick and can make players sweat. Players will have to fight Ripsaw at some point in the game because he is required to be defeated to progress ahead in the game.

Looking for some tips to defeat Ripsaw then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to defeat Ripsaw in Remnant 2.

Ripsaw (Boss Fight) Location in Remnant 2

Ripsaw Boss Fight is encountered in the Morrow Parish area when players have reached Morrow Sanatorium in Losomn World. Morrow Sanatorium is the Asylum building and when players make their way to the courtyard of the Asylum building, they will get to encounter Ripsaw by interacting with a closed Shed.

How to Defeat Ripsaw in Remnant 2

The courtyard of the Asylum is not very big which can be a little difficult for some of the players. As Ripsaw is quick with his feet and can charge against players with a running Chainsaw, it can be devastating if players get stuck in a corner of the courtyard. Players need to stay in the open area where players have the advantage of rolling at least 2 – 3 times to dodge the combo attack of Ripsaw. Shooting at the head of Ripsaw has a chance of dealing with Critical Damage as it is the only Weak Spot of Ripsaw.

However, Ripsaw will try to block the bullets by lifting the Chainsaw in front of his head, and to counter this, players need to bait Ripsaw. Go near Ripsaw as he blocks the bullets and then immediately roll backward. Ripsaw will swing the Chainsaw and give players an opening to re-shoot on his head to deal damage.

While fighting with Ripsaw, players can encounter a QTE where Ripsaw will try to crush them with Chainsaw. To counter this event, players need to mash the button on the screen to fill up the bar. Successfully countering this event will push Ripsaw away and players can get back to shooting his head.

One of the quickest ways to defeat Ripsaw is by having a Handler archetype. The dog will highly assist the players in the fight and deal 60+ damage on each bite. If players use the perk of the handler, it will increase the passive bonus of the players and the damage of the dog. With the high passive bonus, players will be able to melt Ripsaw even before he makes any move.

Tips to Remember in Ripsaw Boss Fight

  • Stay in the open area of the courtyard.
  • Aim at the head of Ripsaw to deal the maximum amount of damage.
  • Bait Ripsaw to find an opening.
  • Use Prime Perk whenever charged.

Ripsaw Boss Fight Rewards

Upon defeating Ripsaw, players will get the following rewards.

  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Striker
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal

That is all related to how to defeat Ripsaw in Remnant 2.

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