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Remnant 2: How to Obtain the Spectral Blade



Remnant 2: How to Obtain the Spectral Blade

The Spectral Blade stands as one of the Melee Weapons available in Remnant 2. Sporting a base damage of 53 and an 8% Critical Hit Chance, it features its own accompanying Weapon Mod, Whirlwind. By utilizing the Whirlwind Weapon Mod, players unleash a tempest of slashes that strikes all enemies within an 8-meter radius for 75 damage.

Eager to learn the method for obtaining the Spectral Blade? You’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through the process of acquiring the Spectral Blade in Remnant 2.

How to Obtain the Spectral Blade in Remnant 2

Crafting the Spectral Blade can be accomplished at Ava within the Ward 13 area, requiring an exclusive material known as the Eidolon Shard, in addition to other common materials. To unlock the crafting recipe for the Spectral Blade at Ava’s workstation, players must first secure the Eidolon Shard, the primary material required for crafting this weapon.

Acquiring the Eidolon Shard mandates defeating the principal World Boss within the N’Erud World, situated in the Sentinel’s Keep area. For players who have reached N’Erud World, commencing from the Seeker’s Rest area is necessary. If desired, players can reroll N’Erud World within the adventure mode to initiate their journey from the Seeker’s Rest.

From this starting point, players are required to advance through N’Erud World and successfully complete the Seeker’s Keys quest—a central undertaking within N’Erud World. By locating all three Seeker’s Keys, players unlock access to the Sentinel’s Keep area, where they must confront Sha’Hala: the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. Within Sentinel’s Keep, players must interact with the left console; selecting the right console will result in the absence of the Eidolon Shard subsequent to defeating the boss.

Upon obtaining the Eidolon Shard, players can return to the Ward 13 area and engage in an interaction with Ava. Through this exchange, the crafting of the Spectral Blade becomes possible, necessitating 1x Eidolon Shard, 7x Lumenite Crystal, and 650 Scrap.

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