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Resident Evil 3: The board game arrives in October, just in time for Halloween



Resident Evil 3: The board game arrives in October, just in time for Halloween

If you want to spend an alternative Halloween with friends and you are a Resident Evil fan, you will be happy to know that Steamforged Games has announced that the Resident Evil 3 board game will debut in stores on October 21st.

The board game will be based on the original version of Resident Evil 3, released way back in 1999. The game is designed for up to four players who will have to work together to save their skin. It will be possible to play Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Viktor, or Nikoali Ginovaef. Each of them has a set of custom rules, based on the character and background of the virtual counterparts.

In the game, you will have to explore various iconic scenarios such as the Raccoon City Police Station and the Clock Tower. As the game progresses the danger level of the city will increase, making the enemies stronger, which obviously includes zombies at will and the Nemesis. To escape from Raccoon City it will be necessary to gather resources and make difficult decisions, in what is described as a dungeon crawler, with “open-world” elements.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game will be available starting from 21 October at the recommended price of 94.95 euros, you can book it right now on the official Steamforged website, which you can reach at this address. A price all in all fair if we think that in the package there are 28 miniatures full of details, 208 cards, and 21 game backgrounds.

If the survival horror genre is not for you and you are a fan of Sora, Goofy, and Donald, then Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit is the board game for you.

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