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Resident Evil 8 Village accused of plagiarizing a monster from the movie Frankenstein’s Army



Resident Evil 8 Village accused of plagiarizing a monster from the movie Frankenstein's Army

Richard Raaphorst has directly accused the game of having used one of its monsters for the new game in the series.

Resident Evil Village has been on sale since last Friday, May 7, how is Lady Dimistrescu behaving in the world of the new Capcom game with you? Because now it seems that the Japanese game-studio has been accused of plagiarism, no less, all by a monster that appears in the installment.

Frankenstein’s Army is a 2013 film directed by Richard Raaphorst, who has now taken a stand against Capcom. In the film, from Holland, we are told that at the end of the Second World War, in a secret Nazi laboratory they began to experiment with the diary of a certain Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Different types of monsters appeared and it seems that one of them has a certain resemblance to another that appears in the Village. So much so that Raaphorst himself has denounced it through his LinkedIn account, with comparative images, and of the two projects; he states so forcefully because the designs in the film are his doing.

“In 2013 I directed the movie Frankenstein’s Army,” he writes on the aforementioned social network. “It’s a crazy movie full of monsters with my own creature designs. One of them has been used without my consent or credit in the new Resident Evil video game. ” The truth is that both characters have a propeller on the head. It will be necessary to see if Capcom is pronounced on the matter; Raaphorst, so far, has not announced legal action of any kind.

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