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How to complete the necklace with two holes in Resident Evil 8 Village



How to complete the necklace with two holes in Resident Evil 8 Village

We give you all the steps so that you can complete each of the parts of Dimitrescu’s valuable Necklace in Resident Evil Village.

One of the most complicated treasure hunts you have in Resident Evil Village is the Dimitrescu Necklace and we do not mean to get that incomplete necklace, but also the two rubies that increase in value exponentially, and that you could later sell.

It is likely that you have obtained the necklace in Resident Evil Village, but as you can see it has two holes in which you must insert two rubies, and it is likely that one of them you have not found, since they are well hidden.

However, if you get all the pieces of this necklace you can sell it for 50,000 in the store, which will come in handy to face the last leg of the adventure.

How to complete the necklace with two holes in Resident Evil Village

We tell you where to find the necklace, and also the relevant rubies.

Where is the necklace with two holes

In Dimitrescu’s castle, as soon as you have the key to the iron insignia, you can go down to the basement through the back of the kitchen. Now in the big room, you have to go to the back right corner, open the door and you will find a puzzle.

This puzzle is very simple, basically, we must use the pipe bomb to destroy the wall that we find with cracks on the left. So simply use your pistol to shoot the braziers off and turning them on will unlock the chest that includes the relevant necklace.

Ruby 1

When you have defeated Moreau you must return to the village, and the idea is that we go to the site of the ceremony. Here you need to use the drawbridge and use the boat. What you must do is go by boat to the castle, but using the wheel of the well that lies behind the small building on the way to discover a secret staircase.

The bad thing about this underground area is that it has a puzzle, and you basically have to use the platforms to go up to the raised ledge, with the control panel.

So use the control panel to raise the platforms so that you can cross to the opposite side. As soon as you do, use the control panel to lift the platform with the cart, and then push it off the platform itself.

lady dimitriscu necklace

Ruby 2

Once you have the crank, go to the east of the village, specifically to the southwest, to locate an enclosed backyard with several chickens.

You must use this crank to open the door and then climb the ladder. Following the ledge, you must get down on the roof of the metal shed that you have below and you will see a small chest that contains the second ruby.

Resident evil necklace ruby2

Dimitrescu’s Necklace

Once you have all the pieces, install the rubies on the two-hole necklace to turn it into Dimitrescu’s necklace which can be sold for 50,000 in the store.

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