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Animal Crossing update could double the size of the island



A secret event is discovered that will take place this month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

According to a new leak, Animal Crossing: New Horizons could get a new update that would double the size of the island. Dataminers have already found some possible innovations such as the design of fences or an additional floor for the museum in the code of Animal Crossing, but the latest discovery should particularly appeal to the creative minds.

The coastline moves south

What can we expect? Animal Crossing: New Horizons code appeared as “mSouthShoreBaseline.f32: 500.00000 was changed to mSouthShoreBaseline.f32: 1000.00000”. This line reveals that the island’s southern coastline is being moved further south.

What does that mean? The fans are now speculating what the relocation of the coastline is all about. The clearest solution would be that the construction area of ​​the island is enlarged and fans are given more opportunities to design their island according to their own wishes.

On the other hand, relocating the coastline could speak for a second island, a terraforming beach, or a new construction area in the sea. For example, a Reddit user would like to erect buildings on stilts and thus turn the sea into a construction area:

What could come in the future

Unfortunately, the leak is pure speculation. The hint in the code of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a first indication of upcoming updates, but until Nintendo reveals the contents of the next updates itself, fans must be careful with the leak.

Nintendosmash asked Nintendo whether the leak was correct and whether we can expect an enlarged construction area in the future. As soon as we get a response, we will update this post for you.

What else did the dataminers find? In addition to the familiar seasonal items that come into play, the data miners have already discovered 11 new items. There are also initial indications of Kofi’s café, the possibility of designing fences and a new floor in the museum:


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