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Resident Evil Village (RE8): How to beat Sturm



Resident Evil Village (RE8): How to beat Sturm

Sturm is one of the hardest bosses to beat in Resident Evil Village. That’s not a particularly high bar, to be sure, but he’s not nearly as hard as the previous one. You know, the one with the hammer and the waves of faces. That sure was fun, wasn’t it? This fight requires a bit more strategy. It’s kind of weird that a failed Heisenberg experiment is more threatening than the four Lords themselves, but hey.

Much like Moreau’s fight, this one doesn’t start until you walk forward a bit. But you need to move as fast as possible. If you walk forward before he appears, he will dramatically break through the wall. If you stay where you are, he will hit his idiot propeller at you. Since he has a propeller in his face, he does a lot of damage, so you’ll want to avoid that. Immediately take a step back towards the door you came in through, but stay close to the wall. He should be stuck on the wall straight ahead.

Much like the enemies with reactors in their chests in the factory, Sturm’s only vulnerable spot is his reactor. Only, it’s on his back. When you make him hit the walls, he gets stuck, so run after him and shoot the reactor. I prefer to use a shotgun because I always prefer to use a shotgun. The important thing is to always know where he is. Sturm can break almost any of the walls in this area, so if you lose him, he can hit you from the side and put you in a near-death state.

Resident Evil Village Beat Sturm

When you see him, don’t start running. Put your back against the wall and wait for it to start charging. Then move. If you zag a bit, he won’t hit you. Then you can shoot him some more when he is stuck in the wall. But things can’t always be so easy, can they? After shooting his reactor several times, he catches fire. This is where things get tricky. When he’s on fire, not only does he leave flaming trails wherever he goes, but he doesn’t get stuck either.

After attacking you and hitting a wall, he immediately turns around, giving you no time to attack his weak point. After he takes fire, however, you’ll want to immediately seek shelter, because Sturm will launch fire at you. If you are exposed, you are likely to get hit. While he is like this, it is in your best interest to run away from him and wait for the fire to go out. Once that happens, he will return to normal and be trapped in the walls again. Be warned, though. After doing enough damage, he will catch fire again and you will have to repeat the process.

Just keep the pressure up and Sturm will collapse into a heap eventually. And, yes, he does leave the treasure behind. All these monsters need to turn into treasure. Strange and wild things.


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