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How to beat Mother Miranda in Resident Evil 8 Village



An unofficial patch has been released for Resident Evil Village that fixes micro-delays

We tell you how to kill Mother Miranda in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Defeat the final boss of the game with the best tips.

After having beaten Heisenberg, Mother Miranda is the fifth and final boss of the game. The way to her lair has not been easy and the battle will be very challenging, but at this point, you should not be afraid of his imposing appearance. And if you have it, that’s what we are for: in this section of our complete guide, we offer you the best strategy and tips to defeat it. Soon you will be able to get comfortable to enjoy the credits.

How to beat Mother Miranda step by step

The room in which the combat is fought is spacious and offers you the freedom to fight. The best option for the initial phase is to keep a few meters away and shoot it with the revolver or the grenade launcher until Mother Miranda decides to modify its appearance and transform it into a new creature.

It is capable of turning into a huge spider, but it can also fly once wings sprout from its back. However, its appearance should not worry you, as it is much more basic combat than it may seem. The reason is that, regardless of the form it takes, the mechanics are always the same: shoot, dodge, and go back if you think it is about to launch itself at you.

When you’ve done enough damage, the lights in the room will turn off and you will be completely dark. At this time, you must be very careful, since the fight will have become a duel that rewards the one who is capable of landing the first blow. Our advice is not to touch the controller and keep your eyes open: whenever you see a flash in the dark, shoot the silhouette of Madre Miranda with the shotgun.

Basically, if you hit a shot, you will cancel out its onslaught and you will not take any damage. You will need to repeat this process a couple of times until the lights come on again. From this moment the combat will be very easy since you only have to shoot at the head until Mother Miranda decides to grab you, at which point you will be trapped and all you can do is pull the trigger. Enough, because it is just what you must do to put an end to the battle.

!! Congratulations!! You have completed Resident Evil 8 Village. However, the fun has only just begun, as there are many contents that you can take advantage of to discover all the secrets of the game.

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