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Resident Evil 8 Village unveils its amazing collector’s edition in Japan, costing $1800



Resident Evil 8 Village unveils its amazing collector's edition in Japan, costing $1800

The Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 8 Village to be released in Japan features exclusive items such as Chris Redfield’s jacket and a weapons and collectibles case.

Resident Evil fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the eighth game on May 7th on PS5, Xbox X Series X|S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the truth is that we often get our mouths watering with the collector’s editions of the series… and Resident Evil Village is no exception.

But there’s a small problem: the Japanese Collector’s Edition is not the same as the one that will be released here, and it has exclusive items. It’s much more expensive, of course, but I’m sure many Resident Evil fans wouldn’t mind paying $1800 to get their hands on it.

In my country there are three editions of Resident Evil 8 Village (there is also a bundle with Resident Evil 7): the standard edition, the Deluxe Edition, and the Collector’s Edition, but the latter is very different from the one Capcom will release in Japan.

The Tech N Club website has shared this spectacular edition of Resident Evil Village, which in this case corresponds to the PS5 version, and which can only be purchased from Capcom’s Japanese website. At the moment it’s not expected to arrive in Europe and America… a pity.

This Japanese Collector’s Edition costs 192,500 yen, that is, about 1500 euros approximately (in the United States it’s about 1800 dollars), a very high price but, as we say, we are sure that some fans would buy it if it came to our country. What does this beautiful edition include? Here it is in detail:

  • A copy of Resident Evil 8 Village for PS5
  • Chris Redfield’s in-game jacket, dubbed the ”Chester Coat without buttons”.
  • A Chris Redfield figurine in Resident Evil Village
  • An exclusive poster
  • A metal box
  • A map of Resident Evil Village locations and regions
  • The ”Village of Shadows” artbook
  • Exclusive postcards from the game
  • A briefcase with weapon miniatures and collectibles (the goats)

Yes, we know, it’s the Resident Evil Village edition you all want but unfortunately, you’ll have to import it from Japan, if you’re willing to pay that kind of money.

Does this Resident Evil 8 Village Collector’s Edition catch your eye? We’ll let you know if Capcom announces any news regarding Europe and America, although it seems unlikely to happen. As a reminder, you can already enjoy the Maiden demo if you own a PS5.

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