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How tall (really) is Lady Dimitrescu, the Vampire Lady of Resident Evil: Village?



The latest showcase dedicated to Resident Evil Village, held yesterday evening, revealed an avalanche of very important information on the eighth chapter of the franchise (including a playable demo on PS5 ).

The first is certainly the name of the so-called Vampire Lady, now known as Lady Dimitrescu , a mysterious woman with a very similar appearance and movements to that of a vampire, who immediately entered the favor of the fans also thanks to an out of the ordinary height.

Ash Parrish via Kotaku has now revealed the exact height of the character in question, who could go alongside – or at least, so it would seem – sacred monsters of the series such as Mr. X or Nemesis.

Well, by examining the dimensions of the antique chairs on the portal of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Parrish has stolen the measurements of that door as a yardstick to determine the exact height of Lady Dimitrescu (who, we remember, is forced to bend down in order to cross the various entrances to the rooms of the castle).

The result? The Vampire Lady of RE Village has a height of 96 inches, which is almost 2 meters and 50. It remains to be seen how much and how these truly surprising dimensions will affect the game mechanics, perhaps precisely in the moments during which the protagonist Ethan will have to run away from this dangerous and lethal opponent.

Resident Evil Village, we remind you, will also arrive in an old-gen version, that is to say on PS4 and Xbox One, at the same time as the already announced PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC versions starting next May 7 this year.

The game will also be accompanied by Resident Evil Re: Verse, a new multiplayer mode that will draw heavily on the historical characters of the franchise.

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