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10 improvements we need in the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons update



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We can take a look at a total of 10 features that the Crossing Channel considers necessary for the next update of the title, scheduled for later this month. They are the following:

  • Changes to Cinnamon’s daily announcements, as there are many days when the character doesn’t really contribute anything and wastes the player’s time. Instead, it would be more useful if he could inform us about the special character that is on the island that day, such as Ladino or Gulliver, or the weather that is going to be there.
  • The possibility of being able to buy several items of clothing of the same type at the same time in the fitting room of the Handy Sisters’ tailor’s shop, as now we can only buy several items of clothing if they are of different types.
  • The possibility of printing several mileage coupons at the same time, as at the moment we have to print them one at a time in the Nook Terminal and it is a long and tedious process.
  • The possibility to go from one mystery island to another directly without having to go back to our island and ask Rafa that we want to fly again.
  • It would be nice to be able to see where our neighbours are on the island map with icons to find them at all times.
  • More spaces for personalised designs on our mobile
  • The possibility to customize the colour of the fences in the game.
  • Adjustments to the sound effects, such as waterfalls, which are perhaps too loud.
  • It would be interesting to be able to change the clothes our neighbours wear completely and directly by organising their wardrobe with some kind of special interaction. Some fans also add the possibility to redecorate our neighbours’ houses, as they sometimes place objects they receive as gifts in very strange ways.
  • The possibility of hanging objects that are also hung on the outside walls of the island and not only inside the house.

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