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Rumor: Atlus may be working on a fighting game based on Persona 5



Rumor: Atlus may be working on a fighting game based on Persona 5

Based on Persona 5, a new fighting game spin-off may be in development. A hint of this has been spotted by users in several domains currently owned by Atlus.

Back in 2017 and 2018, the publisher registered a number of Japanese domain names related to the Persona series, but as the expiry dates on many of them began to come to an end, the company recently renewed the rights to use them.

The renewed domains included four in particular that are not yet in use. These are “PERSONA8.JP”, “PERSONA9.JP”, “PERSONA10.JP” and “P5U.JP”. The first three are obviously reservations for future releases of the main series, while the last one just might be indicative of a Persona 5 fighting game. The thing is, the abbreviation “P5U.JP” is similar to the P4U acronym that stood for the Persona 4: Arena Ultimax fighting game from Arc System Works in Japan. Given that Atlus has decided to renew the “P5U.JP” domain, chances are that the company is also planning to make a fighting game based on Persona 5.

It should be kept in mind that the domain does not necessarily reflect the final naming of the game, as a completely different name may eventually be chosen for the site.

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