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Lady Dimitrescu advertises Resident Evil 8 on a huge bath towel



How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters in Resident Evil 8 Village

Vampire lady Alcina Dimitrescu adorns a merchandising article that refers to the start of the game Resident Evil Village – a huge bath towel with a life-size depiction of the undead.

A real fan cult has already developed around Lady Dimitrescu. With her height of well over two meters, she is one of the larger opponents that you can meet in the eighth part of the Resident Evil game. As a real boss opponent, Lady Dimitrescu naturally knows how to put herself in the limelight.

She got help from merchandising experts, who applied a life-size portrait of her to a bath towel. A Japanese Resident Evil fan shows in a video on Twitter how big the bath towel really is – although we don’t know how small the Twitter user really is. In any case, he claims he is six feet tall.

Got out of the bathtub very wet? Dimitrescu towel will definitely make you dry

So if you are interested in a bath towel that can easily accommodate a small family, but actually doesn’t have a small family to accommodate, what would three-year-old Ben say if you sent him on this towel, you could try one of the giant towels on Ebay to bid. Because you can’t buy it. Capcom has given away the towel on the game’s Japanese Twitter page.

The studio relies quite consistently on the vampire lady in advertising the game, which is due to go on sale for PC and consoles worldwide on May 7, 2021. In Hong Kong, for example, double-decker buses with full-surface stickers drive through the city. Her central motif: Lady Dimitrescu.

It is quite puzzling why Capcom relies on a vampire as the main opponent. So far, the game has focused more on opponents who have been turned into undead by the so-called T-Virus. Mystical characters like vampires or werewolves, as they are now apparently introduced in the eighth part, do not actually fit the main storyline.

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