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A Girl Demands An Explanation From Nintendo After Making This Sexist Discovery



A Girl Demands An Explanation From Nintendo After Making This Sexist Discovery

A seven-year-old girl recently caused an internet buzz when she noticed that the female and male models of several outfits cost different amounts in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We take a look at what the girl discovered, and what it’s really like, according to our investigation.


A 7-year-old girl named Oakley was playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons when she decided it was time to buy a new outfit for her character. Her brother had also previously purchased an outfit for his male character, and when the girl decided to buy the same outfit for the female character, she realized that the “girl” outfit was more expensive than the “boy” one.

The seven-year-old girl was taken aback by the news and asked her mother, Ashley, why there was a price difference between the two outfits.


Ashley didn’t know what to say to her daughter, so the girl decided to take matters into her own hands, writing a letter to Nintendo. The letter, which you can find below, was shared on social media:

letter to nintendo

Ashley took the opportunity to address the issue of the pink tax, which is still relevant to her. The “pink tax” refers to the difference in price between products and services intended for women and those intended for men, to the detriment of female consumers. In 2012, a survey by Forbes magazine concluded that being a woman in the United States costs on average $1,400 more than being a man, due to pricing policies based on gender marketing. Oakley’s mother, therefore, took the opportunity to link her family’s discovery to the pink tax.

Oakley’s story has already been around the internet, and many people have praised the girl’s critical spirit, but also her willingness to understand, born out of her feeling of injustice. But then, what is it really? A male garment in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is it really cheaper than the same model in the female category?

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