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Rumor: Life is Strange 3 is coming



Rumor: Life is Strange 3 is coming

One of our trusted leakers claims Life is Strange 3 is going to be announced soon.

Here are the details shared by the leaker:

  • The main character is a Bisexual Asian American Women named Alex
  • Alex has an older brother named Gabe
  • The story takes place in a Midwestern town
  • Has the ability to read and control emotions
  • Alex was in foster care
  • Takes place in a town like LiS1
  • Will have references to LiS1 and 2
  • Two romance options
  • Big animation and visual improvements
  • Controlling someone with Dementia to gain information about something

Keep in mind, the officials haven’t talked about this game so we should take it as a rumor.

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