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Running Fable – Review



Running Fable - Review

We all know the Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare but to experience the exciting race for yourself can be a lot more different than the fable we all heard. Seashell Studio has developed an online racing game that includes a Tortoise and a Hare who can rematch for as long as they want. Running Fable is the latest game from Seashell Studio that allows players and friends to connect online and race to the finish line but with a number of twists.

Running Fable – Review

The new online racing strategy game, Running Fable allows players to race online with each other with the ability to set traps and useful items on the map. Before entering the race, each player will get time to set the traps and items along the race path to trap the opponents and make use of the useful things to win the race. There are up to 10 players that can participate in a single race and each player will have to come up with a strategy of which trap to place where to make the most out of it.

There are 6 different tracks that players can choose to play which are well designed for this type of game. The graphics and music seem friendly and not too distracting during the gameplay allowing players to focus on the race. Players will get to set their own Fable in the story by getting to the cup first in the race. Whoever gets to the cup first, gets the first place and more points than the other players. The Points are used for unlocking new fables and new customizable options.

Players can customize their selected character to their liking and put some style on their character for the race or to flex on other players in the lobby. However, there are only two selectable characters, a Hare and a Tortoise which is a bit of a downside of the game. If there are more characters to choose from, it would be easy for the players to recognize their friends in the race. It can become hectic seeing all 10 hares going at each other for the cup or vice versa for the tortoise.

Verdict – Score (7/10)

It is a casual enjoyable game and can be interesting in the early hours as you get to set the traps, win the race, and unlock customizable items. However, you will feel the game is a bit repetitive as the cycle of the game is small. It can be fun for players who enjoy casual racing games especially, with their friends.

With that being said, we would rate this game 7 out of 10 and would recommend it to players who like to enjoy racing games with their friends in their free time.

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