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Save data backups, Dream suite, Vegetables progress found in the Summer update for Animal Crossing



Save data backups, Dream suite, Vegetable progress found in the Summer update for Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just got a free Summer update, and dataminers were eager to dive in and see what else it was hiding. They’ve now come forward with some interesting news on content and more that should be appearing in-game sometime down the road.

Dataminer Ninji first shared new details on how NPCs spawn. The info was put together into a handy infographic, which you can see below.

Outside of NPC spawns, data has been added related to saving data backups, confirming that this is something Nintendo is actively working on. Note that it can’t actually be accessed in any form and all text is only in Japanese for the time being.

Other highlights from the datamine include:

  • More references internally to Dream Suite features.
  • Something unknown (“Vn”), added in the same location that referenced the different kinds of vegetables before.
  • Weather patterns have changed very slightly, giving you more hours in which stars can appear on the Fine02 and Fine06 patterns (2 of the 3 kinds of light showers).
  • Not only has Nintendo changed Fine02 and Fine06, but they’ve also changed the way light meteor showers work.
  • Stars now appear in all hours from 7 PM – 4 AM, not just those with clear/fine weather.
  • saharah can now apparently sell multiple items at once.
  • On bug-off and fishing tourney days, the KK Slider concert is now moved to Sunday rather than Friday, so you won’t lose Friday’s NPC slot that week.
  • You can have both Gulliver and Gullivarr within the same week, but not on consecutive days

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